Middle Class Youth Addicted To Affordable Party Drugs

LSD and Ecstasy which are cheaper than cocaine, have now become the drug of choice amongst young people from middle class socioeconomic groups because of their cost.

Many young people are choosing the psychotropic hallucinogens over the traditional drugs of marijuana and speed.

Young people like to use affordable drugs

LSD and MDMA (Ecstasy) which come cheaper than cocaine have made drug abuse a rampant issue even among middle-class youngsters in the city
Saturday night’s rave party in Banjara Hills, which was busted by city cops has exposed a new, disturbing trend that has the city in its clutch — MDMA and LSD addiction! The private bash organised in an apartment on Road Number 10, Banjara Hills, that saw the arrest of two girls, two guys and an Ugandan peddler Donald, was attended by a small, exclusive group of around 15 friends, most of whom are habitual drug abusers. The cops seized around 14 grams of cocaine, 10 packets of cube LSD, 10 small pills of micro LSD, five grams of MDMA drug and four LSD dots.
Tripping gets cheaper for the middle class
After the crackdown on the city’s cocaine nexus curbed the supply of the potent drug in the party circles, the cheaper MDMA and LSD have become the dope in demand among the city’s druggies. And it’s not just youngsters from the elite circles of the city who are hooked to drugs anymore. The affordable MDMA and LSD have become the drugs of choice among the middle class too. Anurag Sharma, Commissioner of Police, says, “The city trend is now that youngsters are taking to MDMA and LSD. MDMA in the original state is white crystalline powder and is called Ecstasy when sold as pills. Because it’s more affordable when compared to coke, it has caught the fancy of youngsters from all social strata. Earlier, only the city’s upper class was into drugs, but now the growing trend is that even youngsters from middle class families have become habitual drug abusers.”

Source: Times Of India

LSD is the preferred drug

The dangers associated with these kinds of drugs is that you can never be sure what you are getting when you buy them.

Many of these kinds of drugs are manufactured in clandestine drug labs where hygiene and ethics are not a priority. One can never be sure of the strength of the dose in a pill and you don’t really know how much or how little to take.

If you are going to take these drugs, always get them from a dealer with good street cred and it is advised to try a small dose and wait a few hours before taking a full dose.

What do you think? Should governments start to legalise these drugs to ensure that the quality of the substance is not deadly?

Lets face it… Zero tolerance has never stopped anyone from taking drugs and neither has prison!

We need to change our attitudes towards drugs and embrace the fact that people use drugs! Maybe we could utilise health practices like massage and good dirt to equalize our evil doings?