Pot And Tobacco Gets You Hooked?

According to research published in the Yale Daily News teenagers who smoke tobacco as well as, or with pot are more likely to develop a serious pot habit!


Cannabis and tobacco is deadly!

Teenagers who see marijuana as a relatively low-risk drug may be more at risk for addiction than they realize, a new Yale paper says.

Co-occurring cannabis and tobacco use is significantly more likely to cause cannabis abuse and dependence than only cannabis use, according to a paper by Yale researchers accepted by the peer-reviewed journal Addiction last month. Psychiatry post-doctorate fellow Erica Peters said that she noticed consistent evidence across the literature of her conclusion and conducted the review to build momentum for the area of study. She said her study did not answer questions about the chemical pathways or the specifics of the drug interactions, but opened the door for future research.

“There’s something about tobacco use that seems to worsen marijuana use in some way,” Peters said.

She said that both simultaneous use — in the form of blunts, marijuana in a cigar wrapper — and use on separate occasions make cannabis more addictive. Co-occurring use also intensifies psychosocial problems, such as anxiety, depression and legal difficulties. The study found that adolescents were less likely to have good grades and more likely to have drunk alcohol in the past month.

Ninety percent of cannabis users also smoke tobacco, said Arpana Agrawal, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Washington University in St. Louis. By contrast, only 40 to 50 percent of tobacco users also smoke cannabis, she said.

“If you’re going to tackle one, you have to consider the other,” she said.

Agrawal said that for the first time, the Yale paper provides a “really comprehensive, systematic” understanding of cannabis dependence and abuse over the lifetime of an individual who smokes tobacco and cannabis.

The important next step is to understand the best approaches to clinical treatment for co-occurring users, Peters said. Clinicians have yet to develop a effective treatment for cannabis dependence, so understanding that tobacco affects the majority of cannabis users is important, Agrawal said.

What do you think? Is it the tobacco that is getting the teens hooked on the dope..or is it the dope that gets you going?

Death By Alcohol

Alcohol Related Deaths Jump By %25 in Britain!

Death from Alcohol on the increase!

Death from Alcohol on the increase!

A recent post in the SUN Herald states that alcohol related deaths are on the rise! Men seem to be the biggest victim group as so many drinkers are slowly killing themselves through alcohol!

The figures, which one expert described as “stark reading”, are certain to fuel further debate on how to tackle binge drinking.

The first National End of Life Care Intelligence Network report said the vast majority of the fatalities were people under 70, with more victims now in their 40s.

Obesity, hepatitis C and hepatitis B also contributed to the increase in total liver disease deaths between 2001 and 2009.

Other major causes of death – such as heart disease – have been declining in recent years.

In 2001, 9231 people died of liver disease, but by 2009 it was 11,575 people and 60 per cent were men.

More than one in 10 deaths of people in their 40s are from liver disease. Most of these deaths were alcohol-related. PA

sA striking 90 per cent of people who die from liver disease are under 70, the report revealed.

More than one in 10 deaths of people in their 40s are from liver disease.

When measured as “years of life lost”, liver disease is much more prominent, the report authors claimed.

Most of these deaths were from alcohol-related liver disease, which accounted for well over a third (37 per cent) of all liver disease deaths.

But the prevalence of deaths from alcohol-related liver disease varied greatly between males (41 per cent of liver disease deaths) and females (30 per cent of liver disease deaths).

Alcohol-related liver disease was also more common in the most deprived areas (44 per cent of liver disease deaths) than the least deprived areas (28 per cent of liver disease deaths).

If you have a problem with Alcohol get help from the get help section of this site!


Heroin (diacetylmorphine or morphine diacetate)

Heroin also known as smack, the gear and horse was originally synthesised by C. R. Alder Wright in 1874 by by adding two acetyl groups to the molecule morphine, a derivative of the opium poppy. Originally the drug was designed to help soldiers who had come back from the war to overcome their morphine addiction. The drug was patented by the Bayer chemical company and was prescribed often.

The drug was later withdrawn from the market because of its highly addictive nature. Many sufferers found that the withdrawal from heroin was in fact more severe than the withdrawals that they had previously suffered from morphine.

The most popular method of using the drug is through intravenous injection. Other forms of the use are smoking and in some cases through suppositories. Once the drug has been broken down by the liver it restores itself to its original form which is morphine.

Most people who become addicted to heroin have to commit crimes in order to maintain their habit. Many addicts will do at least a 10 year addiction cycle on the drug before they get help usually through a long-term rehabilitation program.

Once the withdrawal symptoms start, which will happen in as little as 24 hours from the last dose, the addict will suffer and experience extreme bouts of diarrhoea, vomiting and a general feeling of absolute shit! These withdrawal symptoms are the addict’s biggest fear, and this is why he or she must at all costs maintain a continual supply of the drug. Heroin possesses the very soul of its users and slowly but surely strips away any self-respect, morals or decency that the person previously had!

Once the physical symptoms have subsided which usually happens about seven days later, the addict must start to deal with the psychological and emotional withdrawals from the drug which in many cases can feel a lot worse than the physical ones. Many recovering addicts will continue to attend self-help groups such as narcotics anonymous, but many will struggle in the early years and will often relapsed.

Some treatment methods or Heroin and replacement programs, include methadone, naltrexone and bupranorphine.

Most of the heroin on the street market is manufactured in backyard laboratories and is cut with a substance known as mannitol by up to 10 times. Heroin manufacturers use mannitol because dissolves easily and water. Every now and then a stronger batch of heroin hits the street, during this time we will see many people lose their lives as a result of heroin overdose.

Heroin is highly addictive!

Heroin overdose results in shutting down of the automatic respiratory system, resulting in a lack of oxygen to the brain, resulting in death.

Heroin is often referred to as the king of drugs because of the euphoric feeling that its users experience. When you are high on heroin all your cares and fears worries and frustrations seem to disappear into a cloudy haze.

Recovering heroin users will lament not only the physical feelings of the drug but also the activities and a lifestyle that used to revolve around the obtaining and the using of the drug.


Heroin Deal Gone Bad!

Heroin Addicts will do anything to feed thier habit. This “unlucky addict” was over powered by his female victim during a bungled heoin deal.

News source: Sky News


Heroin Deal Goes Bad!

Stephen Barry Chambers, 50, of Ferntree Gully, is facing six  charges over the attack on Tuesday during which the woman received  bite marks to her left and right forearms.

In the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday, Senior  Constable Daniel Chapman said Chambers met the woman on Monday  while buying heroin on Victoria Street in Richmond.

He said the woman called Chambers the following day and he  arranged to meet her at Abbotsford to buy more drugs.

He met the woman in her car before threatening her with a gun  and demanding she hand over her purse, Sen Const Chapman said.

The woman snatched the gun out of his hand, they struggled and  the gun was accidentally discharged, Sen Const Chapman told the  court.

Chambers then overpowered the woman and fled before throwing the  gun in a bin, the court heard.

He was arrested a short time later and police allegedly found  the woman’s purse as well as a 15cm hunting knife in his bag.

Chambers has been charged with armed robbery, intentionally and  recklessly causing injury and possessing an unregistered firearm.

Chambers, who the court heard is addicted to drugs, made no  application for bail and was remanded in custody.

Magistrate Donna Bakos ordered he return to court for a  committal mention on June 13.

Prescription Drug Use On The Rise

Prescription drug use is on the rise as more and more people are becoming addicted to “over the counter” medication. Addicts are Doctor shopping to feed thier habits, which is leading to an increase in crime. Many addicts are turning to the medication OxyContin and oxycodone which are highly addictive opiates!

News source: Bethel Patch

Imagine that your parents are providing your children with an endless supply of addictive narcotics that will lead them directly to heroin addiction. In too many cases, according to experts and police departments, this is happening in a home near you.

At a seminar for the misuse of prescription drugs, Allison Fulton, executive director for the Housatonic Valley Coalition Against Substance Abuse, said that in this area, most young people cannot really afford to buy expensive pills, but can readily get the drugs from family members.

“Grandparents do not realize that they are drug dealers. Many leave their prescription drugs out on the kitchen counter,” Fulton said. “Older people don’t have an understanding of kids’ mindset.”

Commonly prescribed drugs like OxyContin and oxycodone are opiates, and are derived from the same source as heroin. Det. Sgt. James Wright of the Bethel Police Department noted a video, entitled The Oxycontin Express, that highlights “pill mills” in Florida. Minimal requirements for purchasing these regulated narcotics have resulted in areas in Florida that have become a major resource for drug traffickers.

The impact in Connecticut was seen in 2011 when three Florida Transportation Security Administration and a Connecticut law enforcement official were arrested at the Westchester airport with tens of thousands of pills marked for distribution in the Stamford area.

Prescription drug addiction has changed the stereotype of the drug addict. “You used to know what the heroin addict looked like but today, it is not like that. It’s anybody,” Wright said.

With drug addiction comes crime, and Wright said, “In 2011, there were 298 larcenies, which is up from 151 the year before. That’s quite a bit,” he said.

Wright did not believe that the rise in crime had anything to do with the economy. “The people we are arresting have an addiction, they are not people who lost their jobs.”

“We have made a lot of arrests and we found a lot of people have an addiction to heroin, OxyContin, any opium based drug, hydrocodone, morphines. Heroin is opium. These prescription drugs are opiates,” Wright said.

In Danbury, Sgt. Mark Trohalis and Sgt. Thomas Michael agreed. Trohalis said, “With oxys, that addiction is expensive to maintain and it becomes a heroin addiction. It could cost $25 for a 25 gram pill, but they can buy a bag of heroin for $7 to $20.”

“There has always been a correlation between drug addicts and burglaries and robberies, and there has been a definite increase in the last six years,” Danbury Police Det Lt. James Fischer said.

In a 2001 press release from Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, law enforcement and physicians were just beginning to understand how addictive these drugs are. “The use of OxyContin and its abuse, prevalent in other areas of the country, is on the rise in Connecticut. Prescriptions for all common opioid pain relievers (codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, hydromorphone) increased 23% from 1996-2000. During the same time period, prescriptions for OxyContin increased 1800%.”

In 2001, six deaths in Connecticut were attributed to OxyCodone, according to that release. Ten years later, accidental prescription overdose became the leading cause of accidental death for people under the age of 45 in eleven states, including CT, according to the Center for Disease Control.


Choosing The Right Electrical Contractor

logoWhen it comes to choosing a licenced electrician on the Gold Coast, there are few points that you really need to take into consideration. Firstly does the electrician have all of the appropriate qualifications and licences associated with the tasks that you need them to carry out.

Secondly, does the electrician have the years of experience required to handle every challenge that the task may require. Many tradesmen these days can have a license in an associated trade, but may lack the experience is you do the tasks that there employer asked them to carry out during their traineeship.

That is why it is always important to check the credentials of your tradesmen and make sure that they have the experience and all of the appropriate licences to carry out the tasks at hand. Any decent electrical contractor will confidently hand over their resume and make all of the qualifications easy to access for your perusal.

Electrical wiring can be a very dangerous thing. If not carried out efficiently by a qualified electrical contractor many things can go wrong including household fires and in the worst-case scenario electric shock.

A shock from faulty wiring can cause severe injury including burns and in some cases may cause death. This is why it is always crucial to check the credentials of any electrical contractor that is scheduled to carry out work on your household or business.

Every year we hear of the terrible tragedies caused through faulty wiring resulting in the burning down of residential homes. By taking a few simple measures before hiring an electrical contractor you can be rest assured that they have all the qualifications skill and expertise to carry out the work required on your own.

If you need a qualified electrician in Brisbane then contact us and we will gladly hand over our credentials. Visit Dexco Industries for more details!

If at any time you are uncertain about the qualifications of tradesmen that you have hired always make sure to ask in for references from previous customers and or a complete list of his qualifications and competencies.

Another problem associated with electrical contractors is they fail to show up when they say that they are going to. This causes frustration for the customer and in some cases can actually lead to a general disdain towards that particular tradesperson.

For a great electrical tradesman if you are located on the Northside of Brisbane you can contact us at:

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Cheap As Weddings

There are always the extra costs to a wedding that somehow take you unaware, such as the cost of seat covers, pillows for the rings if you have ring bearers (Perhaps your best man is a great guy, but you just can’t trust him with something small and precious) and a thousand other things that apparently are a ‘must’ for the modern wedding.

But what if you really wanted to make your wedding as cheap as possible. Well, here is a suggestion. Go Naked.

Want to save money? Go Nude!

Want to save money? Go Nude!

Yes, that’s right, nude. Get your gear off and celebrate your wedding ‘au naturel!’ You will save on all sorts of costs, no need for something old, some thing new, something borrowed or even blue. No expensive wedding gowns, no brides maids complaining that fuschia doesn’t suit their complexion. No need to worry if your beau to be can tie a tie. So many worries just gone! There may be other things to be concerned over that previously may not have worried you, such as seeing your mother in law as you hoped you never would. Also concerns about that leery old uncle may scale up to code red and perhaps your intended may require a little hedge trimming so that his fella is displayed to best effect.

You may be thinking, do people really do that? Yes, yes they do. All over the world folk are stripping off instead of dressing up to celebrate their special day. In fact more and more people are getting their gear off to celebrate their nuptials. The first recognised nude wedding occurred in The Elysian Fields in California (Where else) in 1942. Since then hundreds of couples all over the world have embraced their body image and saved a penny or three by dispensing with extraneous items such as pants or shirts, or dresses. Many brides choose to keep a couple of items; A veil maybe, or even a garter or perhaps a string of pearls, whilst the groom may keep a top hat handy in case something pops up unexpectedly! The largest Nude Wedding on record was conducted at the Hedonism resort located in Jamaica. Reports vary as to how many naked couples tied the knot, but certainly more than twenty five at one time and any where up to sixty couples at this regular celebration held every year on valentines day.


Here in Australia couples are also getting married in the buff mostly because they are at heart naturists and enjoy getting out and about with it all hanging out, but there are others such as this couple who won a competition on a Brisbane radio station and won an all expenses paid wedding if they went in the nude. Having a nude wedding will save you lots of money not only on clothes, but if you insist that all the guests are naked as well you will be sure to save a small fortune as very few (except perhaps the leery old uncle) will even turn up!

For all of your cheap and fully clothed wedding options contact us at Affordable wedding ideas or Click here http://www.cheapweddingdeals.com.au/

Thank you for reading

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Learn To Cut Back On Your Monthly Expenses By Creating Your Own Electrical Power | Electrician Brisbane

As a fully Qualified Electrician Brisbane  I am often asked about Solar Power. Here is some thoughts on the subject.

Electrician Brisbane Solar Energy

The Planet is currently under attack so lots of people all over the globe are trying to do their part to try and save it as much as they can. It’s because of this that we have decided to take a better look at using solar panels.

We are going to look at a system that will be able to help you to make this possible. We are going to take a look at the “Home Made Energy” program.

As an Electrician in Brisbane, I often get asked to utilise the Queensland sun!

Utilizing solar power has other upsides aside from having a positive effect on the environment. However, your attempts will have a great effect so its a great starting point. Solar power can easily help you to save lots of money on your electrical bill. As much as 80% of your electric monthly bills can potentially be saved by learning how to use the Home Made Energy program.

Saving Money

If you are not using energy from the sun, you can expect to pay approximately $150 per month for your electricity requirements. Now, if you can use the Home Made Energy program to create your own solar panels, and you can save 80% off your electric bill, you could be saving $120 per month. In merely a year, you would have saved $1,440 and $14,400.00 will be your sum saving after 10 years. I hope that made you realize the likely savings that are within your grasp.

This program will show you how you can generate your own electricity by making your first solar panel for less then $150. The more solar panels that you create using this uncomplicated process will result in a greater saving of money, both today and in the long run. The production of electricity makes pollution and as you will be producing your own energy, you will be doing your bit to help our environment.

These panels do not call for any experience to construct, nor do they require technical expertise or fancy tools so you can get going on making them as soon as you have the system. They provide you with the information on where to get all the parts you would need and they also supply you with you a step by step plan on how to begin building the panels. The easy step by step directions means that anyone can construct their own solar panels easily.

Because this program will show you how to construct your own panels that will ordinarily cost about $20,000 if bought from a retail store, that is already a great bonus. Hence, not only will you be decreasing your carbon footprint, you will also be saving money on a regular basis.

The “Do it yourself” program will show you precisely what to do to help you save great amounts of money on your energy bills beginning from the moment you get it. It even has the potential to give you the power to never pay another one again! Why not try it out for yourself and see how simple it can be to produce your own electricity, save money and reduce your carbon footprint, or alternatively you can contact me and I will install it for you!

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Marketing A Plumber In Brisbane

Problems happen at the worse times. Day or Night, we'll answer your emergency call and be ready to help.

Problems happen at the worse times. Day or Night, we’ll answer your emergency call and be ready to help.

Being a plumber, these days requires a lot more than just the ability to join up a few pipes, it also requires an excellent ability to deal with customer service. Just like most professionals and tradesmen, these days, plumbers require social skills and the ability to deal with their customers directly.

Many tradesmen in the plumbing business these days have a reputation for not showing up on time, over quoting, not cleaning up after themselves and for jobs taking a lot longer than they originally stated that they would. These sorts of problems often leave a bad taste in the mouths of many clients. Today, plumbers have to be more are more aware of the kind of service that they give their customers. This allows them to build long-lasting relationships with customers and keep the plumbers employed with a satisfied customer base.

As we move more and more into economic pressure on saturation on the market. It is probably more important at this time that all professional plumbers look at their work practice and start to build positive long-lasting relationships with their customers.

In order to compete in a highly competitive field in the Brisbane area, most plumbers are also finding that they need to have and operate a 24 hour emergency plumbing service in Brisbane. By being there in a time of need, when the customer is experiencing an emergency, if the plumber deals with this situation or crisis effectively, he has just proven himself to the customer and formed a long-term relationship.

Service is everything.

Service is everything.

At the end of the day word-of-mouth and positive feedback from plumbers customer base is in fact the best direct marketing that any tradesmen or business can have. Word-of-mouth is still an effective form of advertising for any business and if you are the hottest tradesmen on the lips of all of your customers in Brisbane then you are more likely to succeed and gain more work in your area.

Being on time presenting well and doing a great job these days are basically the bare minimum. In order for a plumbing tradesmen to be ineffective conduit for work. He needs to be all of the previous and more. The ability to communicate effectively with customers and satisfy all of their needs and queries is the quintessential element between success and failure when it comes to running a prosperous plumbing business.

Here at all fix plumbing Brisbane. We pride ourselves on not only being the best tradesmen in the business capable of fixing blocked drains, rusty pipes, leaky taps and burst sewage mains, we are also experts in customer relations.
The difference between all fix plumbers Brisbane and other plumbers in the business, is that we take pride in our work. If you’re not satisfied with the service that we have provided, we are not happy. This kind of standard insures long-lasting positive relationships between the service that we provide and the customers that we service.
If it is a burst main, a leaky tap or a blocked drain call the experts at allfix plumbers Brisbane Northside.

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Concrete Creations

Concrete Creations

Concrete is a material that has allowed for constructions that boggle the mind and seem to defy the very nature of gravity itself. The very properties of moulding and malleability that make concrete the perfect medium for building houses, pavements and retaining walls also make it the paramount ingredient in making some of the most mindboggling sculptures the world has seen.


O Cristo Redentor.

Christo Redentor

Christo Redentor

Rio: if you can tear your eyes away from the balmy beaches and bronzed bodies for a moment you may cast your eye upon the cloud wreathed peak of Corcovado (The Hunchback) mountain. Reigning above the clouds, above the mountain and above all of Rio is the largest concrete Art Deco statue in the world: Christ The Redeemer.


Towering an impressive 39.6 metres from the base of the plinth to the top of His holy head Christ the Redeemer has graced the city of Rio since construction finished in 1931. Erecting the statue took six years and involved a two-part process of constructing the core from reinforced concrete and moving to cladding the statue with carved soap stone. The statue itself is 30 metres high and the plinth is 9.5 metres giving a total of 39.5 metres in height. The entire edifice weighs 635 tonnes and is the fifth largest statue of Christ in the world.


Some of you may know that this has been listed as one of the modern wonders of the world. This in essence was a popularity contest run by a Swiss company. The Brazilian government made voting for this selection free and subsidised the millions of Reals spent by passionate Brazilians intent on making Cristo Redentor world famous.


Is that Mother calling?

The motherland calls!

The motherland calls!

Packing up our virtual bags we shall depart the sunny shores of Brazil and find ourselves in chilly Volgograd, Russia. This historic site was at the very centre of the battle of Stalingrad, possibly the most horrific single battle in the history of mankind. Nearly six months of fighting between the Germans and Russians destroyed this industrial centre and killed at least 1.3 million people. In fact the city reverts to its previous name for six days every year to commemorate the pyrrhic victory in that horrendous battle. The battle was pivotal for the Russian forces and the bravery of the men who held out against overwhelming odds is in the realm of legend.

To commemorate this extraordinary sacrifice the largest statue in the world (at that time) was commissioned and erected from prestressed concrete and steel cable. This enormous effigy towers a total of 87 metres and is formed from 7,900 tonnes of concrete. The body of the statue is 52 metres tall whilst the sword arm extends a further 33 metres into the air. An extraordinary feat of construction was to specifically prestress the concrete to cast the sword and outstretched arm. This construction would have been impossible to complete in any other medium than concrete. The ability pre-mould concrete and embed steel supports make concrete the most flexible of construction materials.


For all of your more modern Concreting in Brisbane please contact us at Achilles Concrete

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