Tree Removal And Native Gardens In Suburban Brisbane

Brisbane River seen from Mt Cootha.

Brisbane River seen from Mt Cootha.

Trees are our friends. In fact trees are probably human beings best friends. You do like breathing oxygen, right? Yep, me too. And for that we need trees and plants of all kinds, busily photosynthesising all that waste Carbon dioxide and making delicious oxygen. When we go for a walk around Mount Cootha, Mount Glorious or Mount Nebo in Brisbane’s outer suburbs you will immediately notice the difference of the air quality from living in West End or Brisbane City. You can taste how crisp and clean fresh oxygen is straight from the leaf. Delicious!

Blessed Brisbane.

Brisbane is blessed with an abundance of green lands. As far as cities in Australia goes, Brisbane is highly rated as a green friendly city, with a profusion of park lands and green spaces Brisbane wide.  Brisbanites love outdoor/indoor living and often design their homes and gardens to accentuate the local habitats, with native or ‘bush’ gardens that use only plants native to South West Queensland, becoming very popular. Some times creating a native garden that will support local fauna and native species must involve taking out plants that are detrimental to creating an all native garden.

Banksia’s attract native fauna.
Banksia’s attract native fauna.

Experts Come Out To Play!

This is where a tree removal specialist will come into play. Firstly they will be familiar with the species of tree that are detrimental or beneficial to the local environment. This may be as simple as introducing a tree that has flowers that attract native species such as Banksia’s, Hakea’s or eucalypts like the Blue Quandong. It may be a difficult as having to remove an undesirable tree from your suburban Brisbane home. Some trees whilst native and local may still be undesirable in a crowded urban setting, such as the small leaf fig, which when allowed the space will become enormous and has powerful moisture seeking roots that may crack and damage water bearing pipes. In this case a tree removal specialist is essential to curtail any damage done, and will happily provide good advice as to what local species of tree will not only fit with your vision of a native garden but be friendly to your most important investment – Your Home!

You may have recently purchased a property in the suburbs of Brisbane and want to re design the garden to match your vision of an Australian Bushland paradise. In most cases you would employ the services of a professional landscape designer to undertake large scale change in your garden. Today many people have access to swathes of information about native species and garden management, but simply lack the practical skills and specialised tools that a professional aborist will employ. In this case you may know exactly what you want and will only need to contact a tree removal specialist for their specific knowledge regarding council by laws and legal requirements for removing that pesky non native tree and replacing it with one that will attract a variety of beautiful local fauna and give native Australian animals a place to live in Suburban Brisbane.

For more advice or inquiries about making your Suburban Brisbane Garden more friendly to Native species by caring properly for your trees and shrubs please visit Tree pruning Brisbane or Tree removal Brisbane or Tree Lopping Brisbane Northside

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