Surviving Heartbreak: How Relationship Counselling Can Help.

A good relationship is like a diamond, beautiful to behold, possessed with an inner radiance and precious beyond all measure. Yet also like a diamond, relationships can crack, split and even shatter if external pressure is applied in the wrong place.

Many relationships are subjected to severe strain that cause significant and long lasting issues. Some relationships do not survive these circumstantial difficulties and others only make it with the able assistance of a relationship counsellor. Marital-SeperationPerhaps one of the hardest circumstances a relationship has to cope with is that of financial strain. This pressure can be brought to bear in a variety of fashions. Perhaps one of the more common ones is that of unemployment. When one person in a relationship is unemployed, particularly if the unemployment is long term, it can bring great hardship to a family. Being made redundant from a position can raise questions of one’s own worth, particularly if jobs are competitive in that field. There can be a spiralling effect with feelings of worthlessness resulting in less effective action and the loss of self-confidence necessary to win a new position. Repeated failures to secure employment cause greater feelings of worthlessness and so it goes. The supporting partner must not only deal with the strain of supporting the family and children financially, but also must witness the gradual loss of self confidence in their partner, and no matter how hard they try, are able to do nothing about it. Only meaningful work and the sense of self-reliance that gainful employment brings can heal someone who has been long term unemployed. We all want our partners to stand on their own two feet, to be an inspiration for us, and to be there when we need them. Unfortunately for those who have to endure accident, illness or injury, the experience of needing help is a difficult and at times even a shameful experience. I would like to speak about all forms of illness here, not simply physical ones. It can difficult to be partnered with someone who is struck down with a debilitating disease or a horrible accident that renders them incapable for a long period of time. It can be just as difficult to be partnered with someone who is afflicted by depression or mental illness.  Often with a physical affliction progress is more tangible, we can see the healing process taking place, we can hope for a better future. Yet with mental illness progress is less defined, people can seem to make ground yet suddenly suffer a setback rendering them paralysed again in the grip of depression. Depression can be cured however as with many forms of mental affliction, with counselling and anger management therapy. Then there are those who have suffered irreparable trauma, whether physically or mentally. A scarring that will forever change that person. This is possibly the most difficult situation a partner has to deal with. The one they love has gone and a shadow of their former self takes their place. A Relationship Counsellor can assist couples who are suffering with external hardship by working with the couple and creating coping strategies to deal with the stressors of injury or illness. By facing the problem squarely and being wise enough to know that these kinds of pressures make a relationship difficult and the help of an expert may just save your relationship.

Relationship Counselling Brisbane

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