Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Brisbane

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Brisbane


Kiwi Stump Grinding Brisbane  and Stump Grinding Brisbane North wish to thank all who have been using our services  over the years. It is a pleasure working within the tree and stump grinding  industry and meeting new and interesting people which is always a good thing. The best part is helping people with what your good at and that is stump  grinding.We work along side many tree loppers and landscapers who need their  jobs finished quickly after lopping down there trees.

That’s it the stumps!!

Kiwi stump grinding will come in once the tree lopping has been done grind the stumps  and then the job is done.

Leaving them less stressed and able to move onto their next job. The most  worrisome aspect in lopping trees is leaving the stumps behind as they attract  white ants that’s why its so important to get the stumps ground out to below  ground level then of coarse there’s the tripping hazard and unsightliness of  leaving the stumps behind.

In the last few years kiwi stump grinding has been  working mainly within the specialist aspects of the stump grinding business with  there portable grinder and being able to help other tree loppers and stump  grinders with the  awkward jobs that the bigger stump grinding machines  cant get into, like tight corners under decks, under houses, steep banks along  fence lines, close to underground services, back yards with no access  and  some of the most challenging jobs they do are within the city itself!

Massive Stumps in Brisbane are not a problem!

Lopping and  grinding out the unwanted trees ready for a revamp of new trees and plants in  the many gardens, this includes grinding all the stumps and roots out to enable  the landscapers to remove the old soil and be replaced with new. A job not for  the faint hearted or inexperienced as the many dangers involved are power  cables, water pipes, grinding up to and next to glass buildings, cars and buses  driving by, not to mention pedestrians.

Kiwi stump grinding thrive on these  challenges and find it the most rewarding aspects of there business. Kiwi stump  grinding is very versatile and can manoeuvre a small machine around the narrow  spaces there has not been a stump they cant do what they deliver is a fast,  reliable, safe and friendly service.

Offering free quotes, and can do services on  the same day if possible and are available on weekends.

So don’t consider  expensive backhoes or excavators. kiwi stump grinding are the no fuss,  solution.

They will provide estimates over the phone, and in most cases are able  to quote from photos via email but prefer with bigger jobs to officially quote.  Once the job is sighted and confirmed how deep and or extensive the stump and  roots are so when it comes to stump grinding kiwi stump grinding in Brisbane are  more then qualified: having years of experience and being fully insured and of  course the right price as they are owner operator’s keeping that cost down.

You  can visit their web site and ask for a quote on

Kiwi Stump Grinding

12a Albert Street, Goodna, Brisbane QLD 4300

0433 028 124

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