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Mistakes buyers make:

Purchasers of real estate in Brisbane face a real dilemma when beginning the property buying process because they have to make a decision to talk with real estate agents, and therefore have to deal with people they may not trust.

The most common problem which emerges from this situation is one of non disclosure and reluctance to talk and convey their true situation or level of interest, particularly if they find a property which they are keen to buy. They feel their animation will be used to their disadvantage when negotiating.

The problem with such behaviour is that the real estate salesperson will mistake such disinterest as a “non buying signal” and move on to other prospects and work with them to secure a property in Brisbane.

We have all heard stories of agents who don’t get back to buyers, many of whom think that the agent they have spoken with is slack, but more than likely it is the lack of communication from the buyer which gives the salesperson the feeling that they are wasting their time.

The way for a buyer to overcome this problem is to be more open with the agent they are talking with, (provided they have confidence in the ability of the salesperson) let them know what it is they are looking for in a property and be genuine in their comments and level of interest in the properties they are viewing.

It is true the agent is being paid by the Seller and therefore has a responsibility to them to obtain the best price, but it also a fact that a buyer won’t pay more for a property than they perceive it to be worth.

Being open and honest is the only successful way of letting a salesperson know how fair dinkum you are which will help he or she bridge the gap between both parties.

Underlining the above of course, is the sales persons ability to give a purchaser the confidence that property negotiations will be handled with integrity from both parties point of view. Unfortunately it is here where some real estate people have shortcomings, and if this is the feeling held by a buyer they should approach the agency principal, discuss their feelings and ask for assistance.

As the owner of a real estate agency in Brisbane, I would rather encourage this to happen and step in and handle the negotiations myself, rather than have people nervous about their negotiations.

Mistakes buyers make when purchasing property in Brisbane...

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