Interaction: A Better Marketing Tool Than Media

In modern society media is used in a variety of different ways as a promotional tool and has become one of the most popular methods of advertising. Whilst this can be an effective method of selling a product, personal interaction has been and will always be a much more effective way of promoting specific products/brands.

Promotional ambassadors/models have been professionally trained to sell a product/service to consumers using their passion and knowledge which creates an interaction with the customers that cannot be attained through media.

james-puglia-1It would appear that people are much more likely to be drawn in by a product or brand when interacting with a professional promotional model. A skilled ambassador will be able to make the consumer feel like the product is the best thing for them as an individual but also that the product is worthy of mention to others, thus creating a further advertising opportunity through word of mouth.

By physically interacting with a representative of a particular product/brand, there is also more chance that the product will have a lasting impression on the consumer. This means that they are more likely to remember the product, therefore increasing the chances that the individual will purchase the product/service. This gives the promotional model in Brisbane a chance to convince the customer in person and pass on their knowledge and passion about the brand/product in a way that social media or online advertising cannot achieve.

Whilst social media and online promotional advertising can be useful for imprinting an image in peoples’ minds, the face-to-face value of selling a product through a promotional ambassador cannot be beaten if done effectively. Seeing a product in front of you and having the function and benefits demonstrated by a professional with extensive knowledge of its uses, can be up to 7 times more effective for a sales promotion than that of online advertising and or video marketing Brisbane. This will benefit a company or business looking to sell their product/service as they are able to specifically select their ambassadors so that they can be sure that their brand is being advertised by professionals with knowledge of what they are talking about and who know how to sell the product effectively.

Interaction as opposed to media allows a company to target specific groups of people within their target audience to ensure the most effective promotion of the product/brand possible. It also allows promotional ambassadors to create a bond with their clients to draw in particular consumers and appeal to their wants and needs as required, hence furthering the chances for a successful promotion.

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