Cheap As Weddings

There are always the extra costs to a wedding that somehow take you unaware, such as the cost of seat covers, pillows for the rings if you have ring bearers (Perhaps your best man is a great guy, but you just can’t trust him with something small and precious) and a thousand other things that apparently are a ‘must’ for the modern wedding.

But what if you really wanted to make your wedding as cheap as possible. Well, here is a suggestion. Go Naked.

Want to save money? Go Nude!

Want to save money? Go Nude!

Yes, that’s right, nude. Get your gear off and celebrate your wedding ‘au naturel!’ You will save on all sorts of costs, no need for something old, some thing new, something borrowed or even blue. No expensive wedding gowns, no brides maids complaining that fuschia doesn’t suit their complexion. No need to worry if your beau to be can tie a tie. So many worries just gone! There may be other things to be concerned over that previously may not have worried you, such as seeing your mother in law as you hoped you never would. Also concerns about that leery old uncle may scale up to code red and perhaps your intended may require a little hedge trimming so that his fella is displayed to best effect.

You may be thinking, do people really do that? Yes, yes they do. All over the world folk are stripping off instead of dressing up to celebrate their special day. In fact more and more people are getting their gear off to celebrate their nuptials. The first recognised nude wedding occurred in The Elysian Fields in California (Where else) in 1942. Since then hundreds of couples all over the world have embraced their body image and saved a penny or three by dispensing with extraneous items such as pants or shirts, or dresses. Many brides choose to keep a couple of items; A veil maybe, or even a garter or perhaps a string of pearls, whilst the groom may keep a top hat handy in case something pops up unexpectedly! The largest Nude Wedding on record was conducted at the Hedonism resort located in Jamaica. Reports vary as to how many naked couples tied the knot, but certainly more than twenty five at one time and any where up to sixty couples at this regular celebration held every year on valentines day.


Here in Australia couples are also getting married in the buff mostly because they are at heart naturists and enjoy getting out and about with it all hanging out, but there are others such as this couple who won a competition on a Brisbane radio station and won an all expenses paid wedding if they went in the nude. Having a nude wedding will save you lots of money not only on clothes, but if you insist that all the guests are naked as well you will be sure to save a small fortune as very few (except perhaps the leery old uncle) will even turn up!

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Jamie Grant