A Step-By-Step Guide To A Plumbing Emergency

It would be every homeowner’s nightmare, waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of rushing water gurgling down the stairs, or even worse still the foul stench of methane permeating the floorboards. A plumbing emergency can be deeply stressful, not to mention expensive should the worst eventuate.  Here is a step-by-step guide to navigating a plumbing emergency at home.

Assess the danger.

Deep concern?

Deep concern?

Your senses will alert you to something going wrong, should that be the sound of flooding in your bathroom, laundry or kitchen the first thing that you need to do is shut off the water. Some major sections of your plumbing system may have their own shut off valve to turn off the water to that particular fixture. When purchasing or renting a property it would be wise to discover the location of all the shut off valves in your home. This simple knowledge could save you a small fortune if confronted with a flooding incident in your house.

If you are uncertain where the shut off valve is for that particular fixture, or if in the case of the fixture having no individual shut off valve, then you must immediately locate the main water shut off valve for your property.  It is likely to be located on an exterior wall, often near where other utilities are connected to the house, or you may find it in the basement under the house. Once the water ceases to flow you can then assess the damage and the cause of the water leak and decide if an emergency plumber Brisbane is necessary or whether it can wait until business hours.

Plumber’s Hints

Just a helpful hint here, if you do turn off the water and drain the pipes, before you turn the water back on unscrew all of the mesh filters on your taps and let the taps run a few moments before turning them off and replacing the mesh. This will clean some of the scale out of the pipes as they refill and stop your mesh from gunking up with scale.

Hell! What’s That Smell?

Hey what's rhat smell? Was it you?

Hey what’s rhat smell? Was it you?

If you were to wake confronted by the over powering stench of rotten eggs and methane, then in all likelihood there has been a major breach in one of your sewerage pipes. In the most dire of circumstances where the stench is overwhelming the only course of action is to get you and your loved ones out from the house and have the matter dealt with immediately by an emergency plumber.

Primarily the reason to evacuate the home would be to ensure the safety of your family’s health. Sewer gas is quite toxic, containing hydrogen sulphide or rotten egg gas; a corrosive gas that attacks the nervous system. Sewer Gas also contains Methane, which by itself is not overly toxic, however concentrations of methane can be highly flammable and must be treated with great caution should a burst sewer pipe be close to a naked flame, such as a gas hot water system. Or if Methane is breathed in high concentration may cause severe vomiting, nausea, unconsciousness, respiratory collapse and death.

Sewer gas also contains a high level of bacteria and may be a danger to your family should they suffer prolonged exposure.

If the smell is not overpowering then you may consider waiting until business hours to contact your local Plumber Brisbane Southside  Or Visit this link http://algesterplumbing.com/

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