A Short History Of Brisbane Suburb North Lakes


The suburb of North Lakes in Brisbane is a very new one and was originally a part of the suburb Mango Hill that lost about 2/3 of its total area to the newly minted suburb. The original areas west of Anzac Avenue were heavily threaded with criss-crossing waterways. Large watercourses were scooped out and made into lakes whilst the soil was used to create large estates ready for housing development and huge expansion. The Suburb of North Lakes is primarily built around these man-made lakes and is in the purview of the Morton Bay Municipal Council. One of the feature lakes is surrounded by the North Lakes Golf Club which was one of the first institutions in the area to bear the moniker North Lakes.

The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Water  officially gazetted North Lakes as a suburb in 2006.

Since this time North Lakes has expanded exponentially with Stockland property group being the primary developer of the planned suburb. Stockland was awarded the UDIA (Urban Development Institute of Australia) Master planned community of the year award in 2011 for the North Lakes community and recognised the high quality of suburban living that Stockland had developed in the suburb.

Some of the salient factors were the high level of access to amenities such as schools, the North Lakes boasts three schools within the boundaries of the suburb itself with an additional three schools within a short distance, six child care centres have been built to cope with the family focussed needs of residents.

Shopping is huge in North Lakes?

Shopping is huge in North Lakes?


Shopping is a big focus of North Lakes and the suburb boasts a wide variety of shopping options such as a large Westfield shopping centre, that has an imminent expansion that will add an addition 100 shops to the 200 it already boasts, along with a cinema and Ikea mega store. Other large retailers have expressed interest in this commercial hub of the Northern Brisbane suburbs, with Costco building a mega warehouse in the locality. This is the first Costco that has come to Queensland and was not with out some fierce opposition from other local retailers fearful of losing market share. But job creation is high on the priority list of the Newman Government and the Costco application was given a free pass through the courts and is immune to further legal hindrance.

But there is more to North Lakes than shopping and raising babies. North Lakes has a variety of sports and entertainment facilities, an aquatic centre boasting three pools and over 80 km of bike tracks and dedicated pathways. The lakes are a central feature with a total of four lakes in all, additionally there are 53 local and village parks.

Greater access to this economic hub is a high priority for developers and the government alike, with a new train station being built in Mango Hill and estimated to be complete by 2016.

North Lakes is a thriving community ideally suited for young families. Being relatively close to the city and within an hours drive of the sunshine coast more and more people are making the decision to raise their kids in this newlyminted suburb.

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